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A spa with wow in Con Dao

Built in a multi-pavilion residential style surrounded by lush tropical gardens, Six Senses Spa Con Dao features five treatment rooms, an open-air yoga and meditation pavilion, a nail bar and a coconut oil workshop. Visit for revitalizing morning yoga, a rejuvenating facial, or therapeutic Vietnamese-style massage against the backdrop of spectacular Lo Voi Mountain.

Wellness Programs

We use a mix of pioneering science and ancient
techniques to address your modern day
concerns.​ Achieve a healthy, balanced body and
mind while you’re with us and sustain it once
you return home.

Delve into private sessions of hatha yoga, guided meditation and breathing exercises with signature massages and energy treatments to bring you back into balance.

Relax deeply using yoga nidra, pranayama, guided meditation and relaxing spa treatments. Unwind the nervous system, reduce stress and enjoy more restful sleep.

Learn how to better engage your body by combining hatha yoga cleansing techniques with breathing exercise, detoxifying treatments and nurturing activities.

Spa Facilities

  • Five treatment rooms
  • Open air yoga and meditation pavilion
  • Nail bar
  • Coconut oil workshop studio
  • Fitness center



Six Senses Spa massages create peaceful journeys that allow you to discover the power of true healing touch from skilled therapists, attaining quintessential balance between body and mind.

Vietnamese Massage
Tension is kneaded away with traditional massage that combines pressure point and deep tissue techniques. Pure homemade coconut oil infused with essential oil is applied to enhance the experience. The muscles are warmed and relaxed before being treated with heated suction cups to increase benefits.
Detox Massage
Designed for firming and toning, this stimulating massage will relax you while reducing the appearance of cellulite, uneven skin tone and retained fluids. Silicone cups further assist in lymphatic and toxin draining, removing stagnation while improving circulation and energy flow.
Holistic Massage
Reaching the deepest level of relaxation, this massage is also designed to remove tension and soothe the body and soul. Our skilled therapists can work on a specific area or provide all over treatment to make you feel truly at ease.

Facial Treatments

Glowing skin is an outer reflection of inner health. Six Senses Spa therapists will help reveal your deepest radiance by treating more than just the surface level.

Six Senses Nourishing Facial
A facial treatment to benefit dry or mature skin, each step moisturizes and rejuvenates. Skin is left hydrated and with improved skin tone and elasticity.
Natural Vietnamese Facial
A favorite among guests, this natural regime reveals renewed skin. Fresh ingredients such as milk, honey, yogurt and almond powder are paired with relaxing Vietnamese pressure point facial massage.
Gentleman’s Facial
Specially designed for men's skin and to combat the signs of aging brought on by stress, this treatment leaves the face clean and hydrated.

Body Treatments

Six Senses Spa offers an inventive menu of body treatments designed to reveal your innermost glow and rejuvenate your body, eliminating deep toxins, combating cellulite, improving circulation and toning the skin.

Green Tea Scrub
The skin is tightened and toned with this invigorating all-over scrub that employs green tea, famous for its dermal firming abilities and antioxidant properties, and Vietnamese ground rice.
Island Coffee Treatment
Detox with a scrub that blends Vietnamese coffee with local sea salt to remove dead skin cells while carrot and coconut oil are added to nourish and moisturize. A finishing body mask of fresh coffee and citrus purifies.
Sunburn Soother
Too much time in the sun? This calming and soothing treatment is designed to heal and moisturize while stimulating new cell growth. The treatment also includes relaxing foot acupressure or invigorating scalp massage.

Wellness & Spa Experts

Experience a layered approach to wellness in the hands of our skilled therapists and visiting practitioners. Whether your aim is to simply relax or reveal a whole new you, let us guide you toward optimum wellbeing and assist in meeting your goals.

December 22, 2019 – January 31, 2020

Originally from India, Vijaya was a lawyer before she discovered her passion for the spa and her true talent as a healer.

Since 2003, Vijaya has been discovering the journey of healing throughout her career in India, and across South East Asia. Coming to Six Senses Con Dao, Vijaya delivers a unique adventure of deep relaxation and healing the mind through holistic therapy Alchemy of Touch, Access Bars and Cranio-sacral Therapy, which focus on releasing the tensions, increasing the life energy and stimulating the body’s self-healing mechanisms. 

A session of Numerology and Tarot Card Reading will offer a peace of mind for those who seek simple advices and help them better anticipate for the future that is yet to come. 


February 1, 2020 – March 16, 2020

A passion for helping people reconnect and rebalance themselves through Hattha Vedic (Back, Arm or Legs) and Euphoria Reiki to clear negative energy from your root chakra to your crown chakra.

Known as a trigger point expert, Khun Nont has decades of experience under his hands, dedicating multitude of capabilities and knowledge of the human body to help people regain their health and discover their potential. A treatment of “Body Healing” will help de-stress, release muscle tension and deep relaxation of mind. 

Alongside with Six Senses Con Dao’s in-house spa programs, Khun Nont brings therapies integrating methods from Chinese ancient energy healing and Himalayan Singing bowl, which harmonizes the senses of sound, touch and mind. Guests can also participate in the natural and non-invasive digestive system cleansing with Laghoo-Shankha-Prakshalana, or the stress reduction treatment of Euphoria Reiki, which helps balancing the unseen “life force energy” that flows through us. 


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