Six Senses Con Dao


All that Con Dao has to offer

Oh, the things you can do. Stay horizontal on a lounger or grab a paddleboard, go snorkeling in Vietnam, or join a cultural tour — just choosing your adventures is an activity in itself. On land or in the water, we can even design excursions and events around your own ideas. So, dive right in!

Must-try Experiences

Snorkeling Trips

Con Dao is considered one of the best examples of marine conservation in the country, supporting a high level of biodiversity. Including more than 340 kinds of hard and soft coral, our underwater world teems with over 1,400 colorful species of marine life. Snorkeling in Vietnam in the turquoise waters of Con Dao provides a rare glimpse into an unspoiled azure wonderland.

couple snorkeling in the blue ocean of Con Dao

Turtle Hatchling Release

We’ve restored our beach to make it an ideal place for egg-laying by endangered green sea turtles. This project, in cooperation with Con Dao national park authorities, includes a safe and monitored incubation enclosure to protect eggs from threats such as poaching. Guests are encouraged to participate in our ethical hatchling releases and those lucky enough to be here when our eggs hatch have called the experience “once in a lifetime”.

Newly hatched turtles swimming to the ocean of Con Dao Island

Island Escapes & Boat Charters

Con Dao archipelago is comprised of 16 islands with local inlets, a myriad of hidden bays and endless secluded beaches. For a truly unique experience, customize a boat trip around Con Dao and tell your host what kinds of places you hope to see. Stop for island picnics, find your favorite snorkeling spot or chill out on a deserted beach.

speedboat turning on the deep blue ocean of Con Dao

Adventurous Journey

Woman trekking on Con Dao island

Hit The High Spots

Immerse yourself in Con Dao’s nature in the forest and try to spot some of the three endemic animal species of Con Dao. Listen carefully and you will be able to distinguish between different types of birds and cicadas.

Couple paddle boarding on the blue ocean of Con Dao

Water Sports

Enjoy a chilled out ride right on our beach! Kayaking on the bay is perfect as a solo or group activity. Become a master at stand-up paddle boarding or catch some waves on a bodyboard. Stick to the shallows and slide across the water’s surface on skimboards. There is lots to enjoy and tips are available from our experienced hosts.

Exotic Getaway

Private Sunset Getaway

Travel by boat to the western side of Con Dao, passing Ca Map Cape (or Shark Cape), Dinh Tinh Yeu (or Lovers Peak), before stopping on the far side of Hon Ba, also known as Grandmother Island. Here, toast to another beautiful end of the day as you’ll witness an overwhelming display of colors when the sun slowly dips over the horizon.

Couple watching the sunset on a speedboat at Six Senses Con Dao

Picnic on Hideaway Beach

An intimate and private experience on a near-deserted tropical beach for two (or more) is the perfect end to another stellar Con Dao day of relaxing. Choose from a feet-in-the-sand barbecue or a bespoke menu from the kitchen, accompanied by our carefully curated wine list and inventive cocktails. Savor it all as waves gently crash nearby and the sun sets over the view of Lo Voi mountain.

Picnic setup on the beach of Con Dao

Cocktail Making Class & Sundowner

Get together for a special session with our creative cocktails as the sun sinks down over Con Dao. Let our hosts set up a cozy spot with the perfect golden view.
Join our talented bar hosts and take home some of their secrets of creating the best of sundowner.
Raise your glasses to the delicious ending of a carefree day, knowing another one is right around the corner.

Splash bar infinity pool view at Six Senses Con Dao

Family Bonding

Couple learning to cook at Six Senses Con Dao

Sense of Gardening Experience

Get the family together for a perfect multi-generational activity. Try your hand at crafting clay pot fish, a steaming bowl of pho or even wrapping your own spring rolls. When your culinary creativity has been exhausted, sit down to try the dishes you created as your teacher tells you everything you never knew about Vietnamese cuisine.

Grow With Six Senses Activities For Kids

Sense of Laughter is open from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm daily for 4 to 12 years old. Here we have a great selection of exciting activities that will keep the “Little VIPs” busy and excited during their stay.
Parents, you can always join in if it looks like we’re having too much fun!

Watching movies outdoors in Jungle Cinema at Six Senses Con Dao

Jungle Movie

There’s nothing kids like better than staying up late to watch a movie. And we’ve got the perfect activity for them: movie night at a theater in the jungle. Lead young ones down an outdoor path and relish their look of amazement when they see loungers, and a movie screen among the palm fronds. An evening of amazement they won’t soon forget awaits, complete with popcorn and refreshments, of course.

making coconut oil

Coconut Oil Making

Coconut oil has endless uses, but have you ever wondered how it’s made? Sign up for this informative and fun class in the spa to find out how coconuts are harvested, pressed and made into healthy oil that can be used in cooking, in beauty treatments and even as a holistic remedy. Afterwards, you can take your freshly made oil as a souvenir!

Six Senses Con Dao - By the Market

Vietnamese Language Class

Learn how to properly pronounce Xin Chao, the Vietnamese phrase for “hello,” and greet your host like a local! Guests of all ages enjoy bonding over this fun class, where you’ll get to try twisting your tongue around a variety of simple Vietnamese phrases with an experienced language teacher. Practice what you learn over a Vietnamese dinner to complete the experience.

Local Discovery

Con Dao Historical Tour

This tour explores the rich history of Con Dao, delving deep into its past. A series of prison systems were constructed throughout the region’s 113 years of colonization and American war. Over those years, thousands of prisoners were interred here. Explore the Con Dao Museum, Phu Hai Prison – Bagne I, French Tiger Cage, American Tiger Cage and Hang Duong Cemetery; now a place of reverence and of fascinating architecture as part of this iconic tour.

Ancient houses in Con Son town, Con Dao island

Con Dao Local Life Tour

Discover the island and find out what authentic Con Dao daily life is about. Travel across the island from town, to harbor, to temple and beyond with your guide. Savor the slow life on the back roads, enjoy local architecture and beautiful viewpoints. Along the way you’ll see Ben Dam Harbor, Nhat Beach, Shark Cape, Van Son Tu Pagoda, the Shrine to Lady Phi Yen and a local market. Your trip will culminate over a traditional Vietnamese coffee in a charming local cafe.

couple enjoying the sea view on Con Dao island

2 Wheels & The Road

Nothing says Vietnam more than a bicycle or motorbike. Take your set of wheels and explore the island of Con Dao. Approximately 5 kilometers away you will find the main town, the market, historical sites, beautiful scenery and the friendly locals; take a glimpse at everyday life while riding along the main road.

Couple drivng a bike along the sea road of Con Dao

Local Fishing Trip

Guests love this memorable trip, led by a warm-hearted island host. Let us take you out and show you the best places to catch your fish.

Couple fishing on a blue boat out on the ocean of Con Dao