Six Senses Con Dao

Expand your horizons with a career at Six Senses Con Dao

Our role and our obligation at Six Senses is in large part to develop people. Our role is to be the mechanism that allows our hosts to become the absolute best that they can become. We need to be and can be a catalyst that results in people realizing all their dreams and the dreams of their family and those around them. And we have the ability to help people soar like eagles.

If we are successful, we will clearly have demonstrated our core values and will have satisfied and created very loyal hosts. Our hosts in turn, will provide the emotional connection we talk so much about that ensures happy and contented guests who leave our spas and resorts in a much better place, and in a much better state of mind and being than where they were when they came to us.

That’s the good in what we can create and the connectivity that shows up in our vision. It is a big responsibility and it belongs to everyone within the organization unconditionally.

If we can do this, we’re on our way home.

Neil Jacobs
Chief Executive Officer
Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas