Miracle Of Nature: Blanche – The Baby White Sea Turtle Hatches at Six Senses Con Dao

CON DAO, Vietnam – October 20, 2023

In a remarkable turn of events, guests and hosts of Six Senses Con Dao on Friday witnessed a wondrous marine spectacle with the hatching of a very special arrival of an exceptionally rare white sea turtle at the resort’s in-house incubation center “Let’s Get Cracking” on the pristine beach of Six Senses Con Dao – where the natural environment is painstakingly preserved and respected.

Blanche is a Chelonia Mydas turtle, also known as green sea turtle, that was born with leucism, a genetic condition that leaves minimal melanin pigment in Blanche’s skin and shell (the pigment that determines the color of skin, hair and eyes in people and animals). While there are no exact figures for the rate of leucism in sea turtles, it is acknowledged that leucistic hatchlings are extremely rare, with some marine biologists estimating the rate to be one in many hundreds of thousands of sea turtle eggs that are laid.

Even at the best of times, sea turtle hatchlings face a multitude of challenges – once hatched, baby sea turtles must race across the beach to the ocean, avoiding crabs and birds, before continuing to outswim a myriad of fish and marine wildlife predators that consider baby turtles as dinner. Not to mention, one of the greatest risks for the global sea turtle population worldwide today is unfortunately the human threat, stemming from poaching, pollution, fishing activities as well as destruction of natural turtle habitats.

Blanche not only has to contend with this mountain of challenges, but also the difficulties arising from Blanche’s natural camouflage being removed by leucism, leaving Blanche white and extra visible to predators (particularly underwater). Leucistic hatchlings also generally suffer from various malformations, which in Blanche’s case includes limited sight.

As always, guests at Six Senses Con Dao can learn further about the unique characteristics of our turtle hatchlings (including Blanche) and the broader ecosystem they inhabit through guided tours of our incubation center and educational workshops.

A rare and stunning sea turtle, our hope is that Blanche will beat the odds to return to sea, and to live a long and happy life!

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