Grow With Six Senses Activities For Kids

Sense of Laughter is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily for 4 to 12 years old. Here we have a great selection of exciting activities that will keep the “Little VIPs” busy and excited during their stay. They can paint statues, make sand castles, explore the beach and jungle, learn how to make exciting things or what to do with recycled paper or play by the pool – the possibilities are endless.

Parents, you can always join in if it looks like we’re having too much fun!


Explore the art of repurposing old paper, unleash the creativity in design, and experiment with new ways of crafting art. Stretching the imagination reveals the potential for incredible creations to emerge.

• Blooming flower
• Handmade workshop
• Recycled candles making class
• Soap making workshop
• Coconut leaf craft
• Rice art
• Mini water filter workshop
• Face mask workshop
• Vietnamese language class and culture workshop
• Making windchime
• Secret messages
• Play it the Vietnamese way

• Drawing and painting
• Sand painting
• T-shirt painting
• Stone painting
• Rabbit invasion game
• Board games
• Jenga game
• Monopoly
• Horse Chess
• Bingo game
• Puzzle time
• So you think you can dance?


The world outside beckons with the fresh air, and sun-kissed beaches. Here, a myriad of exciting adventures and discoveries await, promising to create cherished memories.

• Jungle Cinema
• Sandcastle and sand writing
• Junior biologist
• Journey diary
• Beach critter hunting
• Catch the wind
• Be a farmer
• Six Senses sport academy

Prices:  Complimentary



Impress friends upon your return home by learning new culinary skills to delight the tastebuds.


Pizza making: VND 350,000 per pizza

Cookie decoration: VND 250,000 per set

Please contact your GEM for weekly schedule.
Some activities might require 24-hour advance booking.