Six Senses Con Dao voted as one of the best eco-friendly hotels in the world

CON DAO, Vietnam – April 03, 2019 – Trips to Discover has nominated Six Senses Con Dao as one of the best eco-friendly hotels in the world. Sharing this accolade with only ten other properties worldwide, Six Senses Con Dao prides itself on the alternative use of energy, incorporation of reclaimed materials, eco-conscious building design and most importantly, the desire to co-exist with the natural surroundings and contribute to the sustainable development of the greater area. 


Out-Of-The-Ordinary Construction 

Six Senses Con Dao gives the new meaning to the term “Rustic Luxury” where sustainable living meets total indulgence. Featuring the charming essence of a traditional fishing village, while showcasing contemporary flair, the resort possesses a unique construction that reduces its environmental footprint. 50 villas incorporate more than a thousand teak carvings with butterfly-style roofs designed to minimize the use of air-conditioning and maximize air flow throughout the resort. Being located in a protected National and Marine Park, right on a pristine beach, allows the resort to be covered with lush tropical shade and ocean breeze which helps bring down the daily heat. Six Senses Con Do also installed solar panel system in every villa to save power as much as possible.


A Home for Green Sea Turtles

In collaboration with National Parks, Six Senses Con Dao has become the proud custodians of selected clutches of turtle eggs, relocated by the National Park team to protect the eggs from being poached from nests at neighboring islands. Our incubation center, “Let’s Get Cracking” has since been home to many new hatchlings, where our guests participate in our conservation efforts, by joining our early morning hatchling releases. By the end of 2018, the resort had received 56 clutches with a total 2,904 turtle hatchlings, out of 3,500 eggs handed over by the National Parks team successfully hatched at the resort. 


Saying No to Plastic Straw and Bottles

Using homegrown lemongrass straw, Six Senses Con Dao offers guests a unique and fresh taste of the beverages, at the same time, raises its initiatives to reduce the use of plastic. 

The resort also produces high quality drinking water right on the premises and bottles it in recycled glass. Six Sense Con Dao believes this eco- and body-friendly mean of drinking water will not only ensure the best water quality but also reduce the potential harm coming from disposal bottles. Let’s drink guilt-free and reduce your plastic consumption while staying with us!


Nourishment Focus

Having successfully integrated Six Senses’ philosophy and approach of nourishment, Six Senses Con Dao focuses its attention on sourcing local and natural ingredients, at the same time, associating food with different aspects of everyday existence. Its extensive organic garden where grows more than 30 types of plants including fruits, vegetables and herbs, is considered as the main supply for all food and beverage outlets. 

In line with the resort’s effort to reduce the use of processed food, a mushroom hut is built nearby. Gradually, it has become an essential source supplying fresh produce while also features an interesting experience in which in-house guests can join a chef-accompanied tour, harvest fresh mushrooms and take them back to cook. Dining moment is complimented with the bold flavor of the signature mushroom dish and a spectacular view to the ocean. 


Community Activities

Monthly, Six Senses Con Dao organizes beach clean-up activities at various beaches in Con Dao archipelago. The activity enjoys the participation of Hosts, local residents and in-house guests who share a great passion to contribute to the restoration of the island’s beaches and shorelines.

Six Senses Con Dao team has grown to develop a sense of pride in looking after our community providing English classes from two to three times per week for adults and children.

Moreover, we also have partnership with a kindergarten where we come once a month to have a talk with the little angels about sustainable food production and consumption, as well as environmental issues which impacts their surrounds.


About Six Senses Con Dao

Six Senses Con Dao is located in a national and marine park. Comprising 50 contemporary pool villas, it offers several dining options with seafood and a focus on world cuisine. The Six Senses Spa has a backdrop of the Lo Voi Mountains, plus there are activities to entertain all ages.

About Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas
Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas is one of the world’s leading operators of luxury hotels, resorts and spas, managing 18 hotels and resorts across 14 countries, plus 37 spas under the brand names Six Senses, Evason, Six Senses Spas and Raison d’Etre. There are a further 17 hotels and resorts signed into its development pipeline. In February 2019, Six Senses became part of the
IHG® (InterContinental Hotels Group) family of hotel brands.

Six Senses properties share a leadership commitment to community, sustainability, wellness and design, infused with a touch of quirkiness. Whether an exquisite island resort, mountain retreat or urban hotel, the enduring purpose is to help people reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them.

Six Senses Spas offers a wide range of holistic wellness, rejuvenation and beauty treatments administered under the guidance of expert therapists in all resorts as well as at 16 additional standalone spas. The high-tech and high-touch approach guides guests on their personal path to well-being, taking them as deep as they want to go.

Six Senses Residences provides the best life has to offer. From beautifully-appointed villas on the beach, rustic chalets in the mountains and spacious urban hideaways, Six Senses features a variety of residential choices in stand-alone buildings or attached to a resort or hotel. No matter the location, the promise remains the same and the commitment to create a community where every day revolves around learning and growing, great food and drink, innovative wellness programming, sustainable living – all mixed in with a lot fun.

Evason follows the Six Senses philosophy of uncompromised responsibility to sustainability and the community. Its two unique resorts provide a strong value focus, while offering a vast array of personal guest experiences that the whole family will love.

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Six Senses Con Dao – Unique design to reduce environmental footprint
Newly hatched turtles swimming to the ocean
Baby Turtles Finding Their Way Back To The Ocean
conical hat full of freshly harvested chilies
Fresh chilies harvested at Six Senses Con Dao
Six Senses Con Dao staff cleaning up the beach
Monthly beach clean-up