Climate Warrior 2022

April 22, 2022, “Climate Warrior” – the latest Grow With Six Senses children’s program was delightfully kicked off at Six Senses Con Dao.

Six Senses Con Dao always encourages the young ones to participate in this meaningful program. These little VIPs had a really fun day learning and practicing how to fight climate change and become climate warriors at such young ages.

This program includes 3 sections with the first one providing information about the Earth we are living in, how the climate has changed and what will happen when our planet is getting warmer. Section 2 brings up the solutions which are being applied at Six Senses Con Dao. The resort’s sustainability expert shows the kids how they can support the Earth to avoid global warming by “Renewing, Reusing and Recycling”. The last section is all about “Being the solution”. With the hope of increasing awareness and spreading the message of climate change, let’s change the future by changing yourselves little by little from today, brave warriors!

The 2-day program’s agenda:

• Learn about Climate Change and take quizzes
• Understand the sustainable food circles to reduce carbon footprint at the resort’s organic garden. Visit Chicken Villa and join in the compost making process
• Practice sustainable living via 3 challenges:
   –  A day without buggies to save energy
   –  Turn off all electric lights and devices when you are not in the villa
   –  Take a shower in only 5 minutes to save water
• Connect with nature: Tree experiment to understand the important role of planting trees in the prevention of soil erosion
• Sustainable eating: Eat With Six Senses program
• Mini game of ecosystem protection
• Write a letter to the community to share your own sustainable passion and messages

By taking part in this “One Day Climate Warrior Challenge”, children can understand the circles of food and how activities like cultivating and cooking release CO2 into the atmosphere. Winners will receive one of the Six Senses “Sustainability Medal of Honor”.