Eat With Six Senses – Chicken Villa

Here at Six Senses Con Dao we like to lead the way in sustainability together with providing fresh organic dining to all our guests.

Sustainable is not only what we do, the term defines who we are.

Our 1.6KM of garden’s provide our kitchen with fresh herbs, veggies and fruits. Many of the dishes we serve in our restaurants are harvested directly from our resort gardens, overlooking the ocean.

And now we are pleased to share that our organic garden welcomed a new feathered member of our family to their new residence introducing, “The Chicken Villa”.

We may have got carried a bit away while designing and building the perfect place for our land fowl friends, but we wanted to provide them with a full service, restaurant & bar to ensure their ultimate comfort and  in turn, provide our guests with the best eggs on Con Dao!

    ▪ The Bamboo restaurant is where the hen enjoys their daily in villa meals, including homemade probiotics in the water that they drink, fresh vegetables and grains.

    ▪ The Fun bar is where the chicks gather and have fun, of course pun is intended.

    ▪ The Sand Pool is the common place to relax where chickens enjoy their sand bath habits, passed down from their ancestors

We provide them health checks with our island Vet to make sure their welfare is looked after.

The Organic Garden and the Chicken Villa are one of the many initiatives from Six Senses Con Dao to create an authentic and unique experience for our guests.

Develop your green fingers, foraging in the gardens in one of our sustainability tours before a cooking class – or “Be a Farmer” for a day with our hosts, and get to feed the chickens and learn traditional harvesting methods.
Hand-pick your own eggs from the Chicken Villa in the morning and bring them to By the Beach restaurant where our Chef will cook a deliciously healthy breakfast, just the way you want it!

Six Senses Con Dao is committed to animal welfare, conservation, and building a sustainable future as the only luxury resort on Con Dao Island.

Cluckingham Palace ( Chicken Villa) Entrance
Bamboo Restaurant, where the hen enjoys their daily meals, including homemade probiotics in the water that they drink.
Fun Bar, a place where the chicks gather and have fun
Enjoy their finest left-over food